• Your Guide to Chemical Peels

    Chemical Peels Therapy At Swinyer - Woseth Dermatology

    Even with the best skincare regimen, you can encounter skin problems that affect your appearance and diminish your self-confidence. Sun damage can produce wrinkles and brown spots. Acne can result in uneven skin tone and scars. The aging process can also give way to lines and rough skin texture. If you suffer from any of these skin care issues, though, you have options. Consult a Salt Lake City dermatologist about how a chemical peel can enhance the clarity and smoothness of your skin in just one treatment session.


    A chemical peel is exfoliation of the skin through a chemical solution. When done by a board certified dermatologist, a chemical peel can safely remove the upper layer of damaged skin and reveal the healthier skin lying beneath it. In many cases, a chemical peel produces a temporary blistering of the skin that quickly sheds off. Depending on the intensity of the chemical peel, a dermatologist may recommend a short recovery time. More mild treatments may demand no healing period at all, though. Minor redness is a common side effect as well that soon dissipates.


    Dermatologists typically recommend chemical peels because of their safe effects and swift results. Especially for those who hesitate to undergo more extensive anti-aging procedures, chemical peels can provide substantial benefits. Once the skin has shed and redness is gone, what remains is beautifully clear, even, and smooth skin. Chemical peels can lessen the look of many skin problems, including brown spots, acne scars, and even rosacea.


    Another reason why so many people make chemical peels part of their usual skincare routines is because they can address so many cosmetic concerns. Especially for those who cannot alleviate their acne with conventional lotions and cleansers, chemical peels can reduce inflammation and lessen skin damage from it. Rosacea is another condition that many people struggle to control. A chemical peel can help those suffering from this skin problem to achieve a healthier complexion. To find out if you are an eligible candidate for a chemical peel, talk to a board certified dermatologist.

  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays

  • Benefits of Botox

    Think Botox is only for the lines between your eyebrows? As this video reports, a dermatologist in Salt Lake City can use this anti aging product to enhance your appearance in a myriad of ways.

    Dermatologists often recommend Botox to alleviate the frown lines that can develop from furrowing the brows. However, a dermatologist might also advise the use of Botox before lines and wrinkles even form. By relaxing the muscles that can cause the skin to crease, Botox is an effective preventive measure. If you suffer from a wrinkled neck, you can also request Botox to tighten the skin in this region. When undergoing Botox injections, have it done by a board certified dermatologist for the safest results.

  • Spotlight on EltaMD Renewing Eye Gel

    Eltamd Renewing Eye Gel in Swinyer - Woseth Dermatology

    The eyes can betray us when it comes to age. This area is usually one of the first to begin showing signs of fine lines and wrinkles. While you have many options for repairing and reversing the damage, such as chemical peels and Botox, prevention with a high quality skincare product is always the easiest option.

    EltaMD renewing eye gel is packed with natural extracts and peptides that encourage collagen production and slows the effects of aging in this delicate area. Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, and puffiness by using this skincare product as instructed by your dermatologist.

    At Swinyer – Woseth Dermatology , we offer an amazing line of quality skincare products to address all of your anti-aging and skin health needs. Visit us out online or give us a call at (801) 657-3779 for more information about our products and services.

  • Exploring the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments of Shingles

    Causes & Treatment Of Shingles

    Shingles is a painful viral infection , as anyone who has ever had it will quickly attest. If you think you may have shingles, or if you’re having skin symptoms, you should always seek out the counsel of a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment. Even so, it’s important to understand shingles so that you’ll be able to recognize it if it ever happens to you.


    Shingles is actually caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox: the varicella-zoster virus . If you had chicken pox as a child, then you are at risk for developing shingles later in life. The virus never completely clears your system, and shingles is what happens when the latent virus is suddenly reactivated. This typically occurs in approximately 20 percent of people who carry the virus.


    Shingles are most common in people over the age of 60, but younger people can experience it. Pain or incredibly sensitive skin that is localized to one side of the body in a broad area is typically the first symptom. This can manifest in a variety of ways, from intense itching to deep shooting pain. There may also be headaches or fever and chills. About three days later, a raised rash appears, then pustules or blisters form in the area of pain.


    Your dermatologist can give you an anti-viral medication to lessen the symptoms if shingles is caught early. Beyond that, it simply has to run its course. You can try taking antihistamines with your dermatologist’s approval. Try not to scratch, keep the area clean, and apply cool compresses until the blisters dry up to help with the pain and swelling. Be sure to properly dispose of any dressings or cloths as the virus is highly contagious during the weeping stage.

    If you think you have shingles, or any other skin problem, contact us at Swinyer – Woseth Dermatology . We offer medical services, cosmetic services, and skincare products in the Salt Lake City area. Visit our website to learn more about our practice, or call (801) 657-3779 to schedule an appointment.