• Essential Skin Care Tips

    If you are concerned with skin issues or skin problems, you have probably tried a number of over the counter skin care products . There are some simple, easy skin care remedies that you can try at home to keep your skin healthy and happy. Here are some skin care tips that are often recommended by dermatologists to maintain your skin’s natural health and beauty.

    Use Sunscreen Often

    Sun exposure is one of the number one dangers to skin. In addition to causing sun damage and wrinkles, excessive sun exposure can also cause melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer . To reduce your skin cancer risk and protect your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays, use sunscreen often and reapply every 2 hours. Use SPF 30 or higher on your face, neck, chest, hands, and arms.

    Hydrate and Cleanse Skin Regularly

    Skin that is well hydrated looks younger and suppler. As we age, our skin loses some of its natural moisture, but high quality moisturizers and skin care products can help your skin retain and regain valuable moisture. Use a moisturizer twice a day, and cleanse your skin in the morning and evening with a gentle cleanser. Avoid harsh products that may irritate your skin or dry it out. Your dermatologist can recommend the best skin care products for your skin issues.

    Maintain a Healthy Diet

    Eating healthy can improve every part of your body, including your skin. Ask your dermatologist about diet changes that will have a positive effect on your skin. Avoid refined sugars and flours, greasy foods, and unhealthy fats. Eat a diet rich in fiber, protein, leafy greens, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and nutrients. You should also drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

    At Swinyer – Woseth Dermatology, our experienced dermatologists in Salt Lake City are committed to providing you with comprehensive skin care treatments that will help you look and feel years younger. Whether you are interested in anti-aging skin care products, acne treatments, or skin cancer screenings, our board certified dermatologists can help. To schedule an appointment with us, call us today at (801) 266-8841.

  • Understanding Your Acne Treatment Options

    Certain skin problems and skin issues, such as acne, can truly affect your confidence. While some over the counter skin care products may help reduce certain types of acne, the most effective acne treatment can be found in your dermatologist’s office. Keep reading to learn more about how a dermatologist can help reduce or relieve your acne symptoms.

    Topical Acne Treatments

    Topical acne treatments are gels or creams that are applied directly to the skin. These skin care products can be prescription, or can be purchased over the counter. Topical acne treatments either kill the bacteria that cause acne, or reduce your skin’s oil production to help your pores stay clear and clean. Topical acne treatments may contain retinoid, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or antibiotics.

    Oral Acne Treatments

    Oral acne treatments are prescription pills that work throughout your body to fight acne outbreaks. They are often necessary for those who suffer from acne cysts or nodules. Antibiotics are prescribed to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. If you are female, your dermatologist may recommend birth control pills to balance hormonal fluctuations that may cause acne. If you suffer from very severe acne, your dermatologist may prescribe a medication called Isotretinoin, which is effective for all forms of acne.

    Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures

    Certain cosmetic dermatology procedures are very effective acne treatments, and can also reduce acne scarring. Laser therapy, such as BLU-U Light Treatment for Acne, can reduce bacteria and treat acne scars. Chemical peels are very successful at treating blackheads and papules. IPL Photorejuvenation Therapy can also treat acne blemishes and other skin issues .

    Our experienced dermatologists at Swinyer – Woseth Dermatology can provide the best acne treatments in Salt Lake City for your individual needs. We sell medical-grade skin care products that can fight acne and solve other skin problems, and we also offer a variety of cosmetic skin care procedures that are effective acne treatments both medically and aesthetically. To schedule an appointment to discuss your skin issues with one of our board certified dermatologists, call us today at (801) 266-8841.

  • A Better You: Advances in Cosmetics [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Aging is a normal part of life, but the outward effects of aging can sometimes make you look older than you feel. If you have been considering how to make your appearance more youthful, talk to your dermatologist about anti-aging treatments in Salt Lake City . Kybella is a non-surgical way of reducing the appearance of a double chin by destroying fat cells. Lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth can be treated with dermal fillers such as Bellafill and Juvéderm, while Botox may be your answer for minimizing frown lines and crow’s feet. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about cosmetic advancements to help you look and feel your best. Please share with your friends and family.

  • Foods that Can Enhance Your Complexion

    The health of your skin doesn’t just depend upon how many expensive skin care products you use. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet can rid you of unsightly skin issues and skin problems. Dermatologists even recommend that patients change their diet as a part of their acne treatment plan.

    Watch this video for information about foods that can enhance your complexion. Dermatologist Dr. Elissa Lunder recommends certain fruits, vegetables, and other foods rich in antioxidants that can improve your skin issues.

    Our board certified dermatologists at Swinyer – Woseth Dermatology offer skin care services for the whole body. If you are looking for a Salt Lake City dermatologist who can provide surgical, medical, and cosmetic dermatology services, call us today. To make an appointment with Dr. Douglas Woseth, Dr. Angela Brimhall or Dr. Leonard Swinyer, call us today at (801) 266-8841.

  • What Is Sclerotherapy?

    Sclerotherapy is a very safe, effective cosmetic dermatology treatment that is used to shrink or eradicate spider veins. While spider veins may not cause any physical symptoms, many people consider them to be an unsightly skin issue, and want to have them removed by a dermatologist.

    Sclerotherapy treatment for spider veins is quick, simple, and relatively painless. Because the procedure is minimally invasive, dermatologists consider it extremely low-risk. During the procedure, your dermatologist will inject hypertonic saline or Asclera directly into your vein using a very tiny needle. The solution injected is completely safe, and will cause your spider veins to shrink and fade in a matter of weeks.

    If you are interested in sclerotherapy treatment from a board certified dermatologist in Salt Lake City , make an appointment with us at Swinyer – Woseth Dermatology. Our dermatologists, Dr. Douglas Woseth, Dr. Angela Brimhall and Dr. Leonard Swinyer have years of experience performing successful sclerotherapy procedures to treat spider veins. For more information, or to book an appointment, call us today at (801) 266-8841.