• What Are Extractions?

    People of all ages can be troubled by acne. Although it may be tempting to pop a pesky pimple at home, this can do more harm than good. Instead, visit a dermatologist for professional acne extraction. When a dermatologist performs medical acne extractions, you can enjoy clear, beautiful skin in very little time. This option is particularly ideal for those who have troublesome acne appear shortly before an important event, such as a wedding, work conference, or school photo shoot. As an added bonus, this type of acne treatment can reduce future incidences of acne breakouts.

    To perform a medical extraction, the dermatologist may use a sterile blade and comedone extractor. Sebum, dead skin cells, and other debris are removed to thoroughly clear out the clogged pore. Many people like to schedule a light chemical peel after an acne extraction for enhanced skin radiance.

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  • Beat Acne Scars with Bellafill

    The red, inflamed pimples may have receded, but now off-colored pockmarks stand in their place. Acne scars are usually tricky and expensive to treat, and even then, these scars are sometimes resistant to treatment. However, you may find success with Bellafill, the only approved injectable that successfully treats certain types of acne scars. Instead of simply filling pockmarks, Bellafill penetrates the deeper layers of skin to restore skin from within. This means that the scars will “rise” and create the smooth, uniform skin surface that you deserve. Bellafill is a safe, commonly used filler, and better yet, the results are permanent—there’s no need for you to take time out of your schedule to make several office visits.

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  • Types of Chemical Peels

    Exfoliation is the process of eliminating the dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin. This allows the new skin cells beneath to give the skin a radiant glow. If you’ve ever used a facial scrub product, you’ve already enjoyed the benefits of exfoliation. Chemical peels take this a step further by using mild, moderate, or strong caustic substances to remove the top layer of the skin. When you visit a dermatology clinic, you’ll receive customized guidance on how to choose the type of chemical peel best suited for your skin and your skin care goals.

    Light Peels

    As the term suggests, light or superficial peels are ideal for individuals who desire a gentle chemical peel with no down time. Also known as “lunchtime peels,” light peels remove only the epidermis. They typically involve the application of glycolic acid or salicylic acid, which do not cause discomfort and cause minimal, temporary side effects. After having a light peel, you’ll notice that your skin appears more radiant and even . Light peels can help reduce the appearance of discolored areas, sun damage, and fine lines.

    Medium Peels

    Medium depth chemical peels are typically performed with trichloracetic acid (TCA). Since this chemical solution penetrates deeper into the skin, it provides more dramatic results than light peels. However, the treatment may be slightly uncomfortable, and the side effects are more pronounced and longer lasting. It may take about a week for the redness, flaking, and itchiness to resolve.

    Deep Peels

    If you have severe sun damage or other undesirable skin issues, a deep peel may be right for you. However, be prepared to have a long recovery period. After receiving a deep peel with TCA or carbolic acid, your face will look bright red and feel as though you’ve sustained serious sunburn. It may take one to three weeks before you may feel comfortable going out in public after having a deep peel.

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  • Can You Spot Skin Cancer?

    If you’ve never had a skin cancer screening, it’s time to make an appointment with a dermatologist. Skin cancer screenings can save lives by facilitating the early treatment of skin cancers such as melanoma. In addition to an annual screening, dermatologists recommend making an appointment if you notice any unusual and persistent changes to your skin. These can include moles or other pigmented areas that change in shape, size, or color, or that itch, bleed, or crust over. Skin cancers typically have an asymmetrical appearance, an irregular border, and a mixture of colors.

    You can watch this video to hear more about the importance of visiting a dermatologist for a skin cancer screening. You’ll learn that many people have significant sun damage that is invisible to the naked eye. You’ll also learn that although one American dies of melanoma every hour, this form of skin cancer has a high cure rate when it is detected early.

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