• Learn How Botox Can Treat Excessive Sweating

    If you think Botox is only good for smoothing wrinkles and erasing lines, it’s time to think again. Though Botox got its start as cosmetic treatment, it’s now well known as a treatment for many other conditions, such as migraines, muscle spasms, and hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating. Many people are turning to Botox to control underarm sweating, even celebrities.  

    Chrissy Teigen, who tends to be open about her personal life, recently called it the best move she ever made, posting on social media, “I can wear silk again without soaking. Woohoo!” She’s not alone in her delight over the effectiveness of this treatment. People who have previously been in a state of perpetual anxiety about their sweating are now finding relief and regaining their confidence.  

    What, exactly is Botox? A neurotoxin made from the microbes that cause botulism, Botox is a very safe treatment when used by a medical professional. For many years, doctors have been using it to smooth facial wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles, and now it’s been proven to be effective for underarm sweating as well 

    So how does it work? Injections of Botox under the arm can block the nerves that turn on your sweat glands and keep them from activating. To perform this procedure, a doctor numbs the area to be treated, then uses a tiny needle to deliver 20 injections of Botox into each armpit. This treatment only works on the area into which it’s been injected, and it lasts for anywhere from three to six months. As soon as the doctor is finished administering the Botox, the patient can go back to work and normal life.  

    How do you know if you’re suffering from hyperhidrosis and are a good candidate for Botox? People with hyperhidrosis have overactive sweat glands that cause them to sweat excessively, sometimes even when it’s not hot. They might soak through their clothing or drip sweat, and regular antiperspirants don’t work for them. If you’ve tried everything, including prescription antiperspirants, and still can’t seem to get your sweating to improve, it may be time to talk to your doctor about trying Botox.  

    If you’re interested in learning more about Botox for excessive underarm sweating, contact Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology. With over 30 years of experience in Salt Lake City, our practice can handle both medical and cosmetic problems with skill and discretion. Our friendly staff will help you feel at ease, and our board-certified dermatologists will assist you in getting effective treatment. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 801-682-4715 or contact us through our website.  

  • How Botox Can Make You Look Years Younger

    People have been searching for the ever-elusive fountain of youth for centuries. Wmay never find the secret to immortality, but Botox injections are the next best thing. This treatment slows the aging process and keeps you looking young for years to come. Even if you’re older when you receive your first treatment, Botox is shown to take years off your appearance. Here’s how this cosmetic treatment can help you move through life more gracefully. 

    What Does Botox Treat? 

    When you look in the mirror, you notice different types of wrinkles. Static wrinkles are those you can see when your face is at rest. Dynamic wrinkles are the ones that appear when you make a facial expression, such as smiling, frowning, squinting, or raising your eyebrows.  

    Botox treats the lines and creases associated with muscle contractions. When you receive a Botox injection, these muscles relax temporarily, allowing you to make expressions with less noticeable crow’s feet, frown lines, and other dynamic wrinkles. 

    Anti-Aging Benefits of Botox 

    Botox injections have been around for decades, but until recentlythey were thought to be nothing but fleeting, superficial fix for vain starlets. However, now dermatologists understand that more long-term benefits also exist for anyone wishing to slow down the aging process. Here are some of the more permanent effects Botox can have on the body. 

    Increased skin elasticity 

    Botox does more than simply relax your facial muscles—it also promotes increased elasticity. When your skin is more elastic, it rebounds readily rather than sagging in response to gravitymaking the skin less wrinkly as a result. 

    Dermatologists have observed that even deep wrinkles that aren’t fully erased by Botox become less severe with ongoing treatment. In a study published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, scientists discovered that Botox can increase skin elasticity by 30 percent. The effects peaked at two months and then diminished after four months. This could mean that, when used as an ongoing cosmetic treatment, Botox could keep your skin as supple as someone in their 20s even as you approach 50, 60, or 70 years old! 

    Reduced wrinkle formation 

    Having more elastic skin doesn’t just make the appearance of existing wrinkles less pronounced—it also helps reduce the formation of new wrinkles. After all, the treatment isn’t merely skin-deep—it penetrates the underlying muscles as well.  

    Relaxed muscles can’t contract, which is what causes deep furrows to form around your eyes and mouth as the years go by. This long-term anti-aging effect of Botox makes it a popular treatment for patients who want to lock in their youthful appearance even as they get older. 

    Clearly, Botox provides both short- and long-term benefits that make your skin appear younger, smoother, and tighter. The treatment can turn back the clock and hold it there if you continue to receive injections regularly. 

    For more information about Botox, or to schedule a consultation, please contact Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology in Salt Lake City at 801-682-4715. 

  • FAQs about Botox

    If you’re frustrated by the lines and wrinkles that appear around your eyes when you frown, squint, or laugh, you may be interested in Botox treatment. This cosmetic service is the only FDA-approved option for treating frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles. Learn more about Botox to help you decide if it’s right for you. 

    How safe is Botox? 

    The safety and efficacy of Botox have been shown time and again over the past 15+ years of clinical studiesDuring this period, Botox has been featured in nearly 500 peer-reviewed articles published in scientific and medical journals. 

    Side effects are also possible, which you should ask your dermatologist about before receiving Botox injections. In clinical studies, 3 percent of patients experienced eyelid drooping, 1 percent had eyelid swelling, and 1 percent suffered brow drooping. Other possible side effects include dry mouth, headache, neck pain, eye problems, tiredness, and allergic reactions. 

    How popular is Botox? 

    Every year in the US alone, nearly 3 million people receive Botox injections for cosmetic purposes. Both men and women enjoy the anti-aging effects of this treatment. In fact, the popularity of Botox among men has risen by 325 percent in the last 20 years. 

    What is Botox treatment like? 

    The process is very quick, taking only 10 minutes to complete. No anesthesia is required, though numbing cream or ice may be used to decrease your discomfort. Depending on the precise area you want to treat—including crow’s feet, frown lines, or forehead lines—you may need three to five injections in each location. 

    There’s no downtime after receiving Botox injections, so you can resume your normal activities right away. Be aware that minor swelling, bruising, and tenderness may occur at the treatment site. 

    How long does it take to see results? 

    The initial effectof Botox may start to appear after just 24 to 48 hours. You’ll continue to see your crow’s feet, frown lines, or forehead lines diminish over the next 30 days. Results last for three to four months. At that time, you may choose to receive Botox injections again to maintain your youthful appearance. 

    Where should I go for Botox injections? 

    Botox is a technique-sensitive treatment. Be wary of “cheap” Botox products that sound too good to be true. Remember, the skill and expertise of the person administering your injections are included in the price. You’ll see superior results if you trust licensed, trained medical professional to deliver your treatment. 

    The expert dermatologists at Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology are highly experienced with administering Botox injections. We’ll help you say goodbye to frown lines and wrinkles, and hello to the new, younger-looking you! To schedule a Botox consultation in Salt Lake City, please call us at 801-682-4715 today. 

  • What Are the Benefits of Botox?

    While aging gracefully has its benefits, few people enjoy seeing wrinkles and expressions lines marring their face when they look in the mirror. If you are unhappy with your facial wrinkles, then your dermatologist may recommend Botox, an anti-wrinkle treatment that can offer you many benefits.

    Botox is an effective treatment for eye, brow, and forehead wrinkles.

    For individuals who have experienced minimal results from other anti-aging treatments, Botox can provide a more satisfying solution . Botox injections are a highly effective method for reducing signs of aging and giving people a more youthful appearance. If you have wrinkles that are accentuated when you laugh, smile, or frown, then you may find this treatment to be beneficial. Botox prevents certain muscles from moving and causing these lines to form on your face.

    Botox treatment is a safe and minimally-invasive procedure.

    Botox injections use a purified form of botulinum toxin A to temporarily paralyze muscles in the face. When used properly by a trained and licensed provider, Botox is a safe treatment for wrinkles. Because some bruising can occur due to the injections, your dermatologist may advise you to avoid medications like aspirin and ibuprofen in the days before your treatment to reduce this effect. For many patients, Botox is an effective treatment for wrinkles that has few side effects.

    Botox treatments are simple and quick.

    Once of the greatest benefits provided by Botox is that it is a non-surgical solution for wrinkles, allowing you to enjoy smoother, younger-looking skin with just a few injections. Treatment with Botox is a simple procedure that involves injecting the serum just beneath the skin. A session typically takes about ten minutes, and many people enjoy no downtime afterward.

    At Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology, our experienced dermatologists offer a broad range of treatments to improve the look of your skin, including Botox in Salt Lake City . To find out more, give us a call today at (801) 266-8841.

  • Is Botox Right for You?

    Lady Getting Injected With Botox

    A youthful face won’t only improve how you feel about your appearance; it can lead to more professional opportunities and provide greater personal fulfillment. For many, it can even reduce the need for more costly and invasive procedures in the future. If you are considering Botox, talking to a dermatologist in Salt Lake City is the first step to having the appearance you want. As many Botox recipients already know, this anti aging procedure comes with many applications and benefits.

    You want to prevent wrinkles.

    Prevention is key in all aspects of health and wellness, including cosmetic dermatology. Dermatologists often recommend preventive practices such as eating nutritiously, avoiding sun exposure, and sleeping adequately. All of these activities can delay the onset of age-related skin problems, including wrinkles and lines. However, Botox can help you avoid wrinkles as well. Unlike fillers, which replace lost volume in the face, Botox relaxes the muscles that sometimes contribute to the development of creases in the skin. When used in areas prone to these lines, Botox can slow wrinkle formation.

    You need fast results.

    Advanced cosmetic procedures such as facelifts and brow lifts can yield favorable results, but they also entail several weeks or even months of recovery time before recipients can enjoy their benefits. In contrast, Botox goes to work immediately upon being introduced into the skin. Also, it continues to improve the look of lines and wrinkles over the following weeks. For individuals with busy schedules that don’t allow for significant downtime, Botox can be an ideal anti aging solution.

    You want to avoid invasive measures.

    As mentioned, cosmetic dermatology includes a diverse range of procedures and products that can help patients enhance their appearance and improve their quality of life. While cosmetic surgery may appeal to some individuals, the cost and commitment to it may make it an unsuitable option for others. With the influx of minimally invasive alternatives such as Botox, those who want to enjoy a younger appearance no longer have to submit to plastic surgery. A board certified dermatologist can help you turn back the clock in just minutes with Botox injections that immediately diminish lines and cultivate a rejuvenated appearance.

  • Benefits of Botox

    Think Botox is only for the lines between your eyebrows? As this video reports, a dermatologist in Salt Lake City can use this anti aging product to enhance your appearance in a myriad of ways.

    Dermatologists often recommend Botox to alleviate the frown lines that can develop from furrowing the brows. However, a dermatologist might also advise the use of Botox before lines and wrinkles even form. By relaxing the muscles that can cause the skin to crease, Botox is an effective preventive measure. If you suffer from a wrinkled neck, you can also request Botox to tighten the skin in this region. When undergoing Botox injections, have it done by a board certified dermatologist for the safest results.