• What to Expect with Laser Hair Removal

    If you’re tired of shaving, waxing, or plucking, you can get rid of unwanted hair permanently with laser hair removal. You have probably heard about this technology, but you want to learn more before you decide if it’s right for you. Here’s what to expect with laser hair removal. 

    How is Laser Hair Removal Performed? 

    At Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology, we use the LightSheer diode laser, a fast, easy, and affordable laser hair removal option. This leading technology is FDA-approved, so you can trust its safety and efficacy. 

    When you visit our office, you will wear special goggles to protect your eyes from the laser. You may receive topical anesthetic to reduce any discomfort during the procedure. Then, the doctor presses a handheld laser instrument to the treatment area. When activated, this device sends a laser beam through your skin to your hair follicles. This damages the roots so hair regrowth can’t occur, but your skin is left unaffected. 

    Where Can Laser Hair Removal be Done? 

    You can achieve up to a 90 percent permanent reduction in unwanted hair nearly anywhere on your body. Laser hair removal is approved for the back, chest, legs, bikini line, arms, underarms, and face. The process shouldn’t be done on the eyebrows to avoid eye injury. 

    What are the Risks of Laser Hair Removal? 

    The potential risks depend on your skin type, hair color, treatment plan, and the preparations and post-treatment steps you take. The most common side effects include temporary skin irritation and temporary changes to the color of your skin. In rare cases, laser hair removal can cause blistering, scarring, crusting, or other changes in skin texture, as well as excessive hair growth surrounding the treatment area. 

    How Do I Prepare for Laser Hair Removal? 

    Talk to a dermatologist about your hair removal goals to find out if laser treatment is right for you. If you decide to move forward, you may be instructed to follow these steps leading up to each treatment: 

    • Stay out of the sun. 
    • Avoid tanning booths or using sunless tanner. 
    • Discontinue other hair removal methods that affect the follicle, including plucking, waxing, and electrolysis. 
    • Don’t take blood-thinning medication. 
    • Shave or trim the day before treatment. 

    How Long Do Laser Hair Removal Treatments Last? 

    Several treatments are required to make your hair removal permanent. For fast-growing areas such as the upper lip, treatment may be needed every four to eight weeks. For slow-growing hair on the back, for exampleeach procedure may be spaced out every 12 to 16 weeks. Once your treatment concludes, the hair should never grow back. 

    Schedule Laser Hair Removal in Salt Lake City 

    If you’re ready to say goodbye to unwanted hair once and for all, laser hair removal could be right for you. Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology in Salt Lake City performs safe, permanent hair removal for our customers. To learn more about the process, or to schedule an appointment, please contact our dermatologists at 801-682-4715. 

  • Signs That Laser Hair Removal is Right for You

    Have you ever dreamed of having smooth skin without needing to shave? If so, then laser hair removal may be an option for you. Laser hair removal is a safe procedure that uses lasers to target the hair follicle to permanently stop hair growth. Even though it takes multiple laser hair removal treatments for the full procedure, once the sessions are completed, it is highly successful in preventing hair from growing. If you are wondering if you are a candidate for laser hair removal, keep reading for a few signs that this is right for you.

    You Have Unwanted Excess Hair

    Some people are fortunate in that they do not have excess body hair. For people who do have body hair that may cause self-consciousness or embarrassment, laser hair removal offers a way to get rid of that hair for good. Laser hair removal can be done over almost any surface of the body, from small to large.

    You Have Dark Hair and Light Skin

    While there is no perfect candidate for laser hair removal since anyone can get it, there are certain factors that make laser hair removal more successful for some. Since the process works by the laser focusing on the pigment of the hair follicle, individuals with dark hair will often have the most success. Light hair can be difficult for the laser to target. Additionally, lighter skin can make it easier for the hair pigment to stand out. Individuals with dark hair and light skin are the best candidates for laser hair removal, but it can be done on anyone.

    You Want a Permanent Solution to Remove Body Hair

    There are many ways to get rid of excess body hair. Shaving and waxing are both popular ways to get rid of hair, but neither of them is permanent. While it varies from person to person, the results of waxing only last about 4-6 weeks and shaving only 2-3 days.

    If you think laser hair removal is right for you, the dermatologists in Salt Lake City Swinyer – Woseth Dermatology, can provide you with lasting results. Call (385) 800-5172 to schedule a consultation or to learn about our treatments for other skin issues.

  • Laser Hair Removal Basics

    The benefits of laser hair removal are so great, that it is almost too good to be true! Fortunately, the process really does work to permanently remove unwanted body hair. In this video, the process of laser hair removal is explained.

    Laser hair removal treatments work by using pulses of light from a laser to target the pigment of the hair follicle. Repeated exposure ultimately removes the ability of the hair follicle to grow, resulting in smooth skin that’s free of hair.

    To learn more about laser hair removal , and to discover if you might be a candidate, visit Swinyer – Woseth Dermatology. Our skin doctors offer many treatments, including laser hair removal in Salt Lake City. Make an appointment today by calling (385) 800-5172.