• A Patient’s Guide to Sclerotherapy

    Varicose veins and spider veins often develop in the legs. They are visible blood vessels that appear twisted or gnarled. Varicose veins are larger, and they are swollen or raised areas. Spider veins are smaller, but still quite visible. These are both common skin issues, particularly in women. Dermatologists recommend sclerotherapy for patients who are displeased with the way these visible and enlarged blood vessels detract from their appearance.


    Sclerotherapy is generally well-tolerated and considered safe. However, not everyone is a good candidate for it. Women who are pregnant should wait until after they’ve delivered to have this treatment. Sclerotherapy isn’t recommended for women who are currently breastfeeding, either. The dermatologist will also need to know whether the patient has a history of blood clots.


    Patients will have a consultation with the dermatologist to make sure it’s safe for them to have this treatment. Patients who take certain medications or supplements may need to discontinue them temporarily. The doctor might also request that patients avoid shaving their legs and applying lotion for 24 hours before their appointments.


    Sclerotherapy typically takes less than one hour to complete. There’s no anesthesia required. Patients can expect to lie on their backs and elevate the legs slightly. The doctor cleanses the skin before using a fine needle to inject a solution into the blood vessel. Different solutions can be used, but dermatologists often use hypertonic saline.


    The hypertonic saline solution works by causing the lining of the blood vessel to become irritated. The irritated vein swells and closes , preventing blood from passing through. Eventually, the body will naturally break down the unused vein. There are no harmful long-term effects caused by closing off and breaking down a vein. After the sclerotherapy treatment is performed, patients are encouraged to stand up and walk around to prevent blood clots. Light activities can usually be resumed the same day, although patients may be advised to avoid strenuous activities for a couple of weeks.

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  • Signs You Could Benefit from Sclerotherapy

    Do you have unsightly veins that affect the appearance of your legs? If so, then your dermatologist may advise a procedure called sclerotherapy, which involves injecting a solution into the veins to diminish their appearance. Continue reading to learn what signs mean that you could benefit from this treatment.

    You dislike the appearance of your spider veins.

    Commonly seen on the legs, chest, and face, spider veins can be seen through the skin and are either blue, purple, or red in color. A number of factors can predispose someone to spider veins, such as heredity, a history of blood clots, and the use of birth control pills. If you have spider veins on your legs, then sclerotherapy offers you an excellent solution for diminishing or eliminating their appearance.

    You dislike the appearance of your varicose veins.

    Another type of vein that can have a negative impact on your appearance is a varicose vein. Characterized by large, swollen, and twisted blood vessels, these veins typically develop in the legs and are visible through the skin. Individuals who are obese, have occupations that require long periods of standing, or who have gone through pregnancy or menopause are predisposed for varicose veins. Because of how significantly these veins can stand out, they are a common reason for people to consider sclerotherapy.

    You are a good candidate for sclerotherapy.

    To determine your eligibility for this treatment, there a few factors that your dermatologist will consider. Women who are pregnant are not candidates for sclerotherapy, but you can have this procedure performed if you are on birth control. For individuals who have suffered from a blood clot in the past, their eligibility for sclerotherapy will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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  • What Is Sclerotherapy?

    Sclerotherapy is a very safe, effective cosmetic dermatology treatment that is used to shrink or eradicate spider veins. While spider veins may not cause any physical symptoms, many people consider them to be an unsightly skin issue, and want to have them removed by a dermatologist.

    Sclerotherapy treatment for spider veins is quick, simple, and relatively painless. Because the procedure is minimally invasive, dermatologists consider it extremely low-risk. During the procedure, your dermatologist will inject hypertonic saline or Asclera directly into your vein using a very tiny needle. The solution injected is completely safe, and will cause your spider veins to shrink and fade in a matter of weeks.

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