• Spider Veins: What They Are and How To Treat Them

    Cosmetic dermatologists note that clear, beautiful skin is more than just a facial problem. Many people contend with skin issues on their legs as well. In particular, spider veins can compromise leg appearance and cause frustration. If you suffer from spider veins, talk to a Salt Lake City dermatologist about your cosmetic concerns. He can make recommendations regarding how to better prevent spider veins and what treatment strategies can eliminate them.


    Spider veins are small veins that lie just under the surface of the skin. What makes these veins so conspicuous is the pooling of blood in them. This accumulation of blood results in noticeable blue and red markings on the thighs, calves, and ankles. The reasons why blood might pool in these veins can vary. Trauma that obstructs the veins from effectively moving blood back to the heart may result in spider veins. Hormone fluctuations can cause them to develop as well. Dermatologists also tend to see spider veins in pregnant patients, as the additional weight of the baby can place greater pressure on these small veins and damage them. The deterioration of these small veins may happen as a result of older age, too.

    Treatment Options

    Spider vein prevention often centers on maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding vein trauma. However, once spider veins appear, they typically do not go away on their own. If you want to get rid of unsightly spider veins, talk to your dermatologist about sclerotherapy. This minimally invasive procedure can safely and comfortably alleviate the look of unwanted red and blue veins. This treatment option uses an intravenous solution that triggers the breakdown of these small veins. After the initial procedure, the body begins to absorb the treated spider veins, leaving behind only beautifully clear skin.

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