Laser Tattoo Removal

Done with your tattoo?  Advances in laser tattoo technology have made tattoo removal easier than before.  We use the Spectrum Q Switched KTP: YAG laser to get rid of unwanted ink.

Tattoo removal works by breaking up tattoo pigment with quick pulses of energy and relies on the immune system to subsequently “clean up” these broken pigment particles.

Laser tattoo removal is a process.  In general, professionally placed tattoos will require up to 12-16 treatments spread out every 6 weeks.  Amateur tattoos generally require much fewer treatments.  Some colors, such as teal, sky blue, yellow-tan and bright green do not respond well to this treatment.  This laser is not to be used to remove permanent make up including eyebrow microblading.

Topical anesthetic cream is applied at home one hour prior to treatment to minimize discomfort.  Treatments are fast.  Immediately after tattoo treatment, some pinpoint bleeding may occur and the tattoo will appear grayer.  The area remains red for typically 2 weeks.  Swelling, bruising and blistering may occur.

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