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Rejuvenate Laser Treatment

The RejuVAnate laser is a fractionated CO2 laser procedure that, as the name implies, aims to rejuvenate vaginal tissue. Treatments with this laser may improve vaginal atrophy (dryness, irritation, itchiness & uncomfortable intercourse), mild stress incontinence & more.

The RejuVAnate is a fractionated CO2 laser that stimulates both surface & deep layers of vaginal tissue to produce collagen and promote blood flow and restore vaginal lubrication & elasticity.

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What Can RejuVAnate Do for Me?

This treatment has an extremely high satisfaction rate with significant improvement in symptoms of dryness, pain, itching, painful urination, and painful intercourse. It also helps with tightening, strengthening, and smoothing of tissue. This is an ideal treatment for women who have given birth, suffer from urge incontinence, or who have had breast cancer and can’t be on hormones.

Side effects and downtime are minimal. Vaginal rest is recommended for 3 days post-procedure.

For best results, a series of three monthly treatments is recommended.

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