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Currently Enrolling


AbbVie: M21-509 – Moderate to Severe Glabellar lines
– Study duration: Up to 18 weeks. 14 in clinic, 6 phone calls
– Compensation: TBD
– Treatment: AGN-151586. IM Inj, open-label
– Required: Adults 18+. Moderate or severe GL at maximum frown as assessed by both the
investigator and subject using the FWS.


AbbVie: M15-994 – Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Patients with Palmoplantar Involvement.
– Study duration: Up to 65 weeks. 7 visits & 1 phone call
– Compensation: $100 per visit, $30 phone call
– Treatment: Risankizumab, SQ injection Q12wk. Week 4 – week 16 50% chance of IP v’s placebo, week 16- week 52 open-label
– Required: Adults 18 +. At least 1% PsO plaque on palms and soles WITH at least 10% body surface area outside of the palms and soles.


AlfaSigma: RE-ROS2002-2021- Rosacea
– Study duration: Up to 90 days. 4 visits
– Compensation: $100 per visit
– Treatment: Rifaximin (Delayed-Release), oral tablet t.i.d. 66% chance of IP V’s Placebo
– Required: Adults 18 +. Presence of ?11 and ?70 facial papules and/or pustules


Eli Lilly: DRM06-AD18 – Vaccine Responses in Adult with Moderate-to-Severe Atopic Dermatitis
– Study duration: Up to 32 weeks. 7 to 11 in-clinic visits, 1 phone call
– Compensation: $75 per visit
– Treatment: Lebrikizumab, SQ injection Q2wk – All participants will receive 2 vaccine injections at Week 12 (Tdap and MCV). 50% chance of receiving study drug with option to continue in the open label extension study at week 16
– Required: Adults 18 – 55 years. Eczema Area and Severity Index (EASI) score ?16. Investigator Global Assessment (IGA) score ?3 (scale of 0 to 4). ?10% Body Surface Area (BSA)


Galderma: RD.06.SPR.202685 – Prurigo Nodularis
– Study duration: Up to 36 weeks. 9 in clinic visits
– Compensation: $114 per visit
– Treatment: Nemolizumab. Subcutaneous injection Q4wks. 66% chance of IP V’s placebo
– Required: Adults 18 + have at least 20, bilateral prurigo nodules.

Coming Soon


Suzhou Kintor: KX826-US-1003 – Mild to moderate Androgenetic Alopecia:
– Study duration: Up to 28 weeks. 8 in clinic visits.
– Compensation: TBD
– Treatment: KX-826, topical multiple dose cream
– Required: Male adults 18 – 70. Mild to moderate androgenetic alopecia; rating IIIv, IV and V on the modified Norwood Hamilton Scale, with a history of ongoing hair loss.

Interested patients can visit or call the Velocity recruitment staff at 801-542-8198<tel:801-542-8198> to learn more about the studies and see if they qualify. Qualifying patients will be compensated for their time.

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