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Post Laser Hair Removal Treatment Care
Laser Hair Removal Treatment in South jordan

  • Be careful with hot water. Do not bathe the area with very hot water until it has healed.
  • Keep the area moist with Cetaphil Cream, Cerave Cream, or Aquaphor Healing Ointment until the inflammation resolves and the area is healed.
  • Keep the treated area out of the sun. If sun exposure is unavoidable, cover it or apply a broad-spectrum sunblock with SPF 30 or above for at least four weeks following treatment.
  • Keep clothing from rubbing the treatment area. Avoid other irritation to the area.
  • Do not use hairspray’on or around the treated area.
  • Avoid deodorant for two to three days following treatment of underarm areas.

Important facts to remember:

  • There will be redness and, occasionally, mild blistering of the treated areas which may last anywhere from several hours to ten days.
  • The laser treatment does not remove or pull out the treated hair, so the hair that was treated is still visible and will slowly be ejected from the hair sheath. The hair ejection may give the appearance of hair growth for the next one to two weeks.
  • Removal of the teated hair from the hair sheath can be facilitated by gently scrubbing the area(s) with a loofah sponge or washcloth while bathing or showering during the first two weeks following treatment.
  • Each area will usually require three or more treatments approximately four weeks apart.
  • Areas with heavy hair growth require more treatments in order to destroy or disable the hairs for extended periods of time.
  • It might be impossible to obtain permanent hair removal. Even though the hair may be disabled and not grow for long periods (3-6 months), the hair might return in the future. The fact that the hair responded to treatment and was disabled for an extended period almost invariably means that it will respond well to future treatment.

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