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It is our mission is to provide superior, professional skin care in an efficient, compassionate, and practical manner to all in need, in an atmosphere that is pleasant, friendly, informative, and professional. This commitment extends to our billing department. We provide this information to you in an effort to assist you in understanding the often confusing medical billing process.

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Medical Insurance

  • Due to differences in coverage from plan to plan, it is impossible for our office to know the requirements of each patient’s individual plan. Knowing out-of-pocket expenses, participating laboratories and pharmacies, and specialty referral requirements will be of benefit as you seek medical services.
  • Dermatology is a medical specialty. For the purposes of your insurance, we will collect the specialty copay as required by your insurance company.
  • Many insurance plans require patients to obtain an insurance referral from their primary care physician prior to seeing a specialist. If your insurance requires a referral, please make sure you obtain this before your scheduled appointment.
  • Insurance coverage is not the same as insurance payment. If you have to satisfy a deductible prior to receiving insurance benefits, your services may be covered (considered payable) but the benefit will be “paid” toward your deductible.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Like home and auto insurance, medical insurance requires beneficiaries to pay out-of-pocket expenses prior to obtaining any benefit from the insurance company. Below is a list of the out-of-pocket expenses associated with medical insurance.

  • Copay – A predetermined fee that an individual pays for healthcare services. This fee is usually required for all office visits, regardless of the type or level of services provided. Copays for specialists are often higher than those for primary care physicians. (Dermatologists are considered specialists.)
  • Deductible – The amount an individual must pay towards medical expenses before insurance covers the cost. Insurance coverage is based on yearly deductible amounts.
  • Co-insurance – The money an individual is required to pay for medical services after a deductible has been met. Co-insurance is often specified by a percentage (e.g. an 80/20 plan)

The costs of out-of-pocket expenses are part of your contract with your insurance plan and are thus out of our control. Questions regarding deductibles, coinsurance, or copays should be directed to your insurance company.

Financial Arrangements

Our office will collect all known fees at the time of service, including copays, co-insurance, and deductibles based on estimated charges. If your final actual charges are higher than estimated, we may send you a bill. If they are lower, we will promptly refund you the difference.

We accept many forms of payment including cash, personal check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and CareCredit.

We are happy to make financial arrangements with you as circumstances require. Please don’t hesitate to contact our billing department at 801-266-1474 to make arrangements or with any questions regarding your bill.

Cosmetic/Elective Services

To honor our contracts with insurance companies, Swinyer – Woseth Dermatology will not bill insurance companies for services that our providers do not consider to be medically necessary. Such services are considered to be elective. This will be discussed prior to services being rendered so that you may make educated choices regarding your healthcare spending.

All charges for elective and cosmetic procedures are due in full prior to leaving the office. We do not bill for elective or cosmetic procedures.

Patients with outstanding balances must pay their accounts in full prior to receiving cosmetic or elective services.

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