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How Your Skin Changes During Pregnancy When you found out you were pregnant, you knew your body was going to go through changes. You may have heard, though, that your skin would be beautiful and glowing. For some women, that doesn’t pan out. Is your skin changing in ways you wish it wouldn’t? Don’t worry, it’s common.

  • Acne: Why are you breaking out like a teenager? Hormones play a role. Additionally, blood flow and oil production increase during pregnancy, which can lead to acne. Keep your skin clean and talk to your doctor about safe acne treatments for pregnancy.
  • Dark spots: Melanin increases during pregnancy, which can lead to darkened skin, or even a “mask of pregnancy” on your face. Minimize this by wearing sunscreen or a hat, decreasing your time in the sun, and avoiding outdoor activities during the heat of the day.
  • Stretch marks: These happen to just about every pregnant belly, but you may be surprised to see them on your breast, thighs, and buttocks as well. There’s not much you can do, though if they’re uncomfortable a moisturizer can reduce that discomfort. Fortunately, stretch marks fade over time.
  • Unsightly veins: Spider veins, which appear as tiny red veins on the face, neck, and arms, happen because of hormone changes and increased blood volume and fade after the baby is born. Varicose veins can occur because of weight and the pressure of the uterus that decreases the blood flow to the lower body. They stretch and protrude but can be alleviated by exercise and wearing compression tights After the pregnancy, varicose veins typically go away on their own. If they don’t, talk to your doctor about sclerotherapy.
  • Skin tags and moles: Skin tags often show up during pregnancy and shrink post-partum; if they don’t, your doctor can remove them. Most new moles that happen when you’re pregnant are harmless, but get them checked by your dermatologist anyway, to be safe.
  • Itchy, sensitive skin: Your skin may itch, and it may be sensitive to things that never bothered you before. Use lotion to combat dryness, and stick to gentle, fragrance-free skincare products and laundry detergents.
  • Hair everywhere! The good news? Your hair will probably be thick and lustrous during pregnancy. The bad news? Extra hair will probably also grow on various parts of your body other than your head, including your face and neck. You can shave, wax, tweeze, or see a dermatologist

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