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a women wearing sweater, there is snow all over the surrounding

Winter’s Effect on Hair

The winter can be wonderful, and picturesque snowy scenes can be very pretty when you are viewing them from the comfort of your home. Step outside, though, and the cold can be rough on your hair. Your scalp may be dry in the colder months of the year, and you may experience any number of hair issues, including static, frizz, dry ends, and breakage. How can you keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy, when cold air, low humidity, and other winter factors conspire to make it frizzy and unmanageable?

Watch How You Wash

You may want to modify your hair washing routine in the winter, making it more nourishing and gentler. Try a pre-wash oil treatment to strengthen the hair shaft, smooth the cuticles, and make your hair softer. For even deeper nourishment, warm up the oil for a hot oil treatment. Exfoliate your scalp to remove flakes, dead skin, and buildup, and give it a good massage as you shampoo, to promote blood circulation and hair growth. Use a gentler, more hydrating shampoo than you would in summer, and wash with warm water, rather than hot, to keep from drying your hair and scalp. Condition every time you wash, and consider an apple cider vinegar rinse to keep the cuticles smooth. Once you finish washing your hair, wrap it in a microfiber hair towel, which is gentler on the hair than a regular towel.

Style it Safely

Avoid heat as much as possible during the winter, because it can dry your hair out and cause frizz. Air dry as much as possible, but if you must blow dry, do so on low heat. If you do decide to use a hot tool like a flat iron or curling wand, make sure to use a heat protectant. Skip the chemical treatments in the winter if possible, trying to go longer stretches between coloring or relaxing your hair. Additionally, swap out your plastic combs and brushes for wooden hair brushes and combs, which can help distribute the scalp’s natural oil through your hair, and can also prevent static.

Nourish Your Hair

Hair masks and bond builders are wonderful for deeply moisturizing hair and making it stronger. If your hair is weak, look for a protein mask or bond builder, and if it’s dry, look for a mask that provides hydration. It’s a good practice to use a mask on your hair once a week during the winter. You can also provide additional nourishment by using oils and serums to manage flyaways and frizzy hair. And while you’re thinking about nourishment and hydration, don’t forget that healthy hair starts from the inside out, so staying hydrated and eating a nutrient-dense diet will lead to a stronger head of hair.

Protect Your Hair Outdoors

Rather than wearing rough wool or other damaging hats in the winter, buy silk or satin lined winter hats. This will prevent friction, damage and breakage as well as helping you stay warm. Never go outside with wet hair on a cold day, because even damp hair is at risk of freezing and breaking.

Make Your Home Environment Hair-Friendly

Use a humidifier to keep your indoor air from being too dry, and this will help not only your hair but also your skin. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase, to prevent damage to your hair. Like the satin lined hats, these will reduce friction so that you’re left with smoother hair and fewer tangles. Another way to prevent tangles and breakage is to keep your hair in a protective style, like a braid, bun, or twist, any time you’re going out into the elements.

Trust Swinyer-Woseth for Hair Health Help

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