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Sensitive Skin Tips Explained By Swinyer - Woseth Dermatology

Having sensitive skin can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right care from the team at Swinyer Woseth Dermatology, you can keep your skin looking its best. But before you get started on a treatment plan, let’s go over the basics of sensitive skin.


What is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is a condition that causes discomfort when exposed to certain substances. Symptoms include redness, inflammation, itching or burning sensations, or other allergic reactions. People with sensitive skin may find that their skin also easily becomes dry or irritated after exposure to certain products. It’s important to note that sensitivity can vary from person to person and even between different areas of the same person’s body.


Signs and Symptoms of Sensitive Skin

The signs of sensitive skin vary widely depending on the cause. Common signs include redness, tightness, itchiness, dry patches, stinging sensations upon contact with certain products or environments, and more frequent breakouts than normal. If you experience any of these symptoms consistently when using new products or exposing yourself to new environments, it may be time to consider whether you have sensitive skin.

Four Ways to Properly Care for Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin can be a challenge, as even the slightest change to your skincare routine can result in undesired and uncomfortable reactions. Thankfully, understanding the key fundamentals of properly caring for and protecting sensitive skin is simple once you know what steps to take. Here are four essential methods for properly caring for sensitive skin:


  • Use hypoallergenic skincare products – Avoid harsh cleansers or fragrances which can irritate your skin further. Stick with mild cleansers free of soaps and dyes as well as moisturizers with natural ingredients such as cucumber extract or aloe vera gel.
  • Wear sunscreen – Sunscreen helps protect your delicate skin from harmful UV rays which would otherwise cause further sun damage and irritation. Make sure to use sunscreen labeled ‘for sensitive skin” which contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as active ingredients rather than chemical sunscreens like oxybenzone which could cause further irritation.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures – Hot showers might feel great in the moment but they strip away natural oils from your skin leaving it vulnerable to dryness and irritation afterwards so opt for lukewarm water instead! Similarly, extremely cold weather can also irritate sensitive skin so make sure bundle up properly if you’re headed outside in cold weather!
  • Understand what triggers your sensitivity – Pay attention to how different foods or activities affect your skin and try to avoid those things that trigger a reaction whenever possible! Keeping an eye on how often you experience sensitivities can help identify potential triggers before they become a problem!


Why Choose Swinyer Woseth Dermatology to Help You Care for Your Sensitive Skin?

At Swinyer Woseth Dermatology we understand how uncomfortable it can be living with sensitive skin. We want our patients to feel comfortable in their own skins! Our team works hard every day to ensure each patient has access to expert care tailored specifically for their needs. We are here for all your dermatological needs including treatment for sensitive skin! Our team understands how challenging it can be living with this condition so we strive every day towards providing compassionate care that will help our patients stay healthy and happy!


Contact Swinyer Woseth Dermatology today at 801-682-4715 to schedule a consultation!