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Talking care of Your Dermatologist About Hair Loss

Hair loss is distressing for both men and women who experience it. If it happens to you, don’t suffer in silence. Your dermatologist can determine the reason for your hair loss and help you choose the best treatment options. If you have a dermatology appointment to discuss your hair loss concerns, these tips will help you get the most out of it.

Keep Track of Your Symptoms

Because so many different things can cause hair loss, knowing your exact symptoms can help your dermatologist narrow down the triggers. Hair loss often begins slowly, so you may not even notice that you are losing more hair than normal until it has progressed for a relatively long period of time. However, once you are aware of increased hair loss, keep a journal of your symptoms to share with your dermatologist. Track days on which you noticed significant hair loss, such as days when you wake up and find hair on your pillow, as well as other symptoms you may be experiencing, such as fatigue, stress, fever, or an itchy scalp.

Be Prepared to Discuss Your Medical History

Your dermatologist will need a full picture of your medical history to determine the cause of your hair loss. Be prepared to discuss any chronic illnesses you have, your diagnosis date for those illnesses, and the date of any surgical procedures you have had. Bring a list of your current medications and doses. It is also helpful for your dermatologist to know your family’s medical history, especially their history of hair loss.

Write a List of Questions

Because hair loss is such an emotional subject for many people, it is easy to lose track of everything you want to ask your doctor. Avoid missing out on getting the information you need by preparing a list of questions in advance and taking notes during the appointment.

Help for hair loss is possible. Make an appointment at Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology in Salt Lake City and find out what treatments could work for you. Schedule a consultation today by calling 801-266-8841.