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Age Spots

A common reason why people visit a dermatologist is aging skin. Signs of aging can have a significant impact on one’s appearance, so many people want to know about the different signs of aging and what causes them. One common example is called an age spot.

Often referred to as liver spots, age spots are flat markings on the skin that can be brown, tan, or black in color. Age spots occur most commonly on areas of skin that get the most sun exposure, such as the hands, arms, face, and shoulders. Age spots are harmless other than that many people dislike the way that they look. Exposure to UV light increases the production of melanin in the skin, which is what gives you a tan. An age spot appears when melanin is produced in high concentrations in one area of the skin or becomes clumped together. The primary cause of age spots is sun exposure over the course of many years.

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