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doctor checking female patient

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes highly visible changes to the skin. Although living with rosacea can be challenging for an individual’s self-image, it is possible to manage these symptoms effectively. If you have rosacea, you can talk to a dermatologist to find out about your treatment options. Dermatology specialists may recommend treatment with the sophisticated Vbeam Perfecta laser.

Causes and Risk Factors

The exact cause of rosacea isn’t yet known. However, it has been linked to several risk factors, including having a family history of rosacea and being between the ages of 30 and 60. Rosacea is also more common in women with fair skin.

Signs and Symptoms

Patients with rosacea experience atypical, persistent redness in the face’s central region. Many people suffer from swollen red bumps and small blood vessels that are visible beneath the skin. Some people with rosacea also experience irritation and dryness of the eyes, along with swollen, reddened eyelids. Less commonly, the nose may become enlarged due to thickened skin. This is a condition known as rhinophyma.

Treatment Options

An effective type of rosacea treatment is the Vbeam Perfecta laser, which is a pulsed dye vascular laser that targets redness. The laser treatment works by rapidly heating blood vessels that cause reddened areas. Just before applying the pulsed beams, the device applies a cold mist to the skin to protect it from heat damage and to maximize patient comfort. In addition to undergoing this advanced laser treatment, dermatologists often recommend lifestyle changes for patients with rosacea. These include using gentle skincare products, protecting the face from cold winter winds, and applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Swinyer – Woseth Dermatology is pleased to offer the Vbeam Perfecta laser for patients with rosacea, sun spots, freckles, psoriasis, and other skincare concerns. Give us a call today at 801-266-8841 to book an appointment with a dermatologist in Salt Lake City. Or, browse our website for additional information about our dermatology treatments.