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Cosmetic products

Wrinkles around your mouth, eyes, and forehead are common signs of aging. When you practice a good skincare regimen, though, you may be able to delay some of the more common signs of aging, like wrinkles and sunspots. Talk to your dermatologist to learn how you can ward off some of the common signs of aging:

Wear Sunscreen

Many people enjoy being outside in the summer sun, but harmful UV rays can do a great deal of damage to unprotected skin. Be sure to wear sunscreen every day on exposed skin, such as your face, neck, arms, and hands. Even if you aren’t going to a picnic or for a swim, short periods of sun exposure can cause skin problems. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, and don’t forget to reapply if you are swimming or sweating.

Dress Wisely

If you are going out in the sun, particularly during midday when its rays are harshest, dress properly. Wear loose-fitting long sleeves and a hat to shade your face, especially if you are going to be outside for a long period of time. You may also want to invest in clothes that have sun protection built into them.

Taking good care of your skin during the summer can help keep you looking younger for longer. Call Swinyer – Woseth Dermatology in Salt Lake City at 801-266-8841 to find out how we can help with all of your skincare needs.