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Mole on chest

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, invasive melanoma is the sixth most common cancer in both men and women. You can take steps in preventing skin cancer by avoiding harsh sunlight and always wearing sunscreen. Skin cancer is a concern all year-round, not just in the summer months. In addition to visiting your dermatologist on a regular basis, it is important to examine yourself to notice any irregularities or changes in moles that could be warning signs of cancer.


Doctors have developed an easy way for you to examine yourself and your moles: the ABCDE trick. “A” stands for asymmetry, as most harmless moles are symmetrical in shape. “B” is for the border. Ask yourself: Does the mole have even borders or is it uneven, scalloped, or notched? “C” is for color, since a mole with multiple colors could be an indication of something serious. A melanoma may become red, blue, or another color. Diameter is the “D” of this system. Many melanomas are larger than ¼ inch, or the size of a pencil eraser. Finally, “E” is for evolving, as any changes in a mole’s size, color, or texture are warning signs of skin cancer.

The Ugly Duckling Sign

In general, moles on an individual tend to resemble each other in color and size. A cancerous mole may appear darker, lighter, larger, or smaller than the rest of a person’s moles. If you notice any sort of irregularities or changes on your skin, pay a visit to your dermatologist for a thorough examination.

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