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Young women applying cream looking into mirror

Hot cocoa and warm fireplaces are two of the perks of wintertime, but the season is problematic for your skin’s health. Once you turn the heat on in your home, the indoor air dries out—and your skin dries out along with it. Don’t wait for dry, itchy skin to develop. You can modify your skin care routine now to reduce the chances of acquiring troublesome skin issues this winter.

Use a Skin-Friendly Bathing Routine.

It seems counterintuitive, but taking a shower or bath dries out your skin. This is because hot water strips away the skin’s natural oils, causing it to become dry, itchy, flaky, and even cracked. Instead, take care of your skin by shortening your bathing time and using warm water, rather than hot. Try not to use an unnecessarily large amount of cleanser. Afterward, use a plush, soft towel to gently blot your skin dry.

Select the Right Moisturizer.

Apply moisturizer immediately after toweling off, and reapply moisturizer to your hands and other damage-prone areas frequently throughout the day. Make a habit of moisturizing your hands after each time you wash them. During the winter, put away your lotion moisturizers and look for an oil-based cream instead.

Protect Your Hands While Working Outdoors.

The dry, cold winter air outdoors can also damage your skin. And if you’re spreading rock salt in the driveway, expect that your hands won’t react to it well. Invest in a good pair of winter gloves, and wear them whenever you’re working outdoors.

Plug-in Your Humidifier.

Humidifiers are your skin’s best friend in the winter. Put one in your bedroom, and run it throughout the night. Some humidifiers emit warm moisture into the air, which can be particularly pleasant during the winter.

Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology recommends EltaMD and CeraVe skin care products for our patients, which you can purchase at our dermatology clinic in Salt Lake City. You can also request an in-depth, personalized analysis of your unique skin issues and your recommended treatments. Call 801-266-8841.