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Adult Acne

Acne can affect people well into adulthood, but not all cases of adult acne are actually acne. Persistent pimples might indicate subtype two rosacea, which is commonly referred to as acne rosacea. A dermatologist can accurately determine whether you have adult acne or rosacea, and he or she can recommend an appropriate skin care routine.

Acne is distinguished by the presence of blackheads and nodules. In contrast, rosacea causes increased redness and flushing of the face. Patients might see tiny blood vessels visible beneath the skin. Small bumps that look like acne can develop, along with grittiness and redness of the eyes. Some patients with severe rosacea may have nasal swelling. These symptoms can be bothersome, but there are effective treatments available. These include prescription-strength oral and topical medications, lifestyle changes, and intense pulsed light (IPL) photo-therapy.

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