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Many people associate acne with puberty. However, for many people, acne continues to be a problem or only begins to be an issue well into adulthood. If you suffer from adult acne, a dermatologist can offer solutions to minimize your acne and prevent future breakouts. Continue reading to learn more about adult acne and how it can be treated.

Causes of Adult Acne

Acne can be caused by a number of factors. In adults, hormone levels, stress, medication use, and skincare products are often to blame for breakouts. Hormone levels can fluctuate for a number of reasons, but hormone changes due to menopause frequently cause acne in adults. Women also tend to experience hormone fluctuations due to menstruation, pregnancy, and changes in birth control use. Another cause of changing hormones is stress, which is why chronic stress is often associated with adult acne. The skincare products you use can also lead to acne, so be sure any products you purchase are non-acnegenic, oil-free, or non-comedogenic. Certain medications can cause acne as a side effect, and adult acne can also be a symptom of an underlying health condition.

Treatment of Adult Acne

Your dermatologist can recommend an acne treatment that will address your skin issues. The specific treatment your dermatologist recommends will depend on the cause of your acne. Your dermatologist may prescribe medications or topical treatments to help clear up your acne. Chemical peels can also offer relief from adult acne. Another effective treatment option for adult acne is BLU-U photodynamic therapy. During this treatment, light is used to kill the bacteria that cause acne to develop.

If you are suffering from acne as an adult, Swinyer – Woseth Dermatology can help. We provide a variety of dermatology services, including BLU-U light treatment and chemical peels. We also offer skin care products that can help you prevent and treat acne. For more information, please call our Salt Lake City dermatology office at 801-266-8841.