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Multiple text illustration of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common skin problem treated in dermatology, and it can easily take a toll on your emotional wellbeing and physical health if you do not develop ways to manage it. If you have psoriasis, then continue reading for tips on coping with this condition.

Determine Your Triggers

Many patients find that specific foods, environmental conditions, or activities coincide with their flare-ups. Because of this, one of the best ways that you can complement your psoriasis treatment and cope with this disease and minimize your flare-ups is to begin keeping a diary that tracks when your psoriasis worsens along with anything that you did or ate that day. Through this method, you can identify things that may be triggers for you.

Manage Your Stress

Due to busy lives and hectic schedules, stress is something that many people deal with every day. If you find yourself feeling anxious and overwhelmed on a regular basis, then you should know that many patients report that stress is a trigger for their psoriasis. Reducing the amount of stress that you experience and learning effective coping methods for stressful situations can improve your overall wellbeing and may also reduce your psoriasis symptoms. Additionally, consider joining a psoriasis support group to help manage the emotional toll of living with this condition.

Baby Your Skin

When you have psoriasis, caring for your skin should be a priority. By regularly applying good moisturizers and rich creams to your skin, you can help reduce dryness, inflammation, itchiness, and scaling. Speak with your dermatologist to learn what products she recommends. Then, to get the most benefit from your moisturizers, apply them immediately following a lukewarm bath. Avoid bathing in hot water, as this can lead to dry skin, and then gently pat your skin dry before applying any products.

At Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology, we aim to provide superior skin care for our patients. If you need psoriasis treatment and would like to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled and compassionate dermatologists in Salt Lake City, then please give us a call today at 801-266-8841.