• Signs You Should Call Your Dermatologist About a Mole

    Moles are extremely common, and in the vast majority of cases, they are completely innocent. However, sometimes, a mole can indicate that you have skin cancer. Skin cancer screenings are an important part of preventive healthcare. During these checks, if your dermatologist spots a mole that he or she thinks could be suspicious, he or […]

  • How Bellafill Reduces the Appearance of Acne Scars

    One of the most maddening parts of acne is that it can leave behind scarring long after breakouts have cleared up. When you’re undergoing treatment for acne, your dermatologist will help with skin care recommendations to reduce the risk of scars. When scars do occur, at last, there is a treatment to help: Bellafill. Bellafill […]

  • How Just 15 Minutes of Sun Exposure Affects Your Skin

    You know that the sun can cause skin aging, but most people assume that just a few minutes of exposure won’t cause any harm. In reality, the sun causes the kinds of skin changes that can have you running to your dermatologist in as little as 15 minutes. Watch this video to learn more about […]

  • Strategies for Maintaining Youthful Skin

    Everyone wants skin that looks young and healthy, so it’s no surprise that anti-aging treatments are some of the most commonly performed procedures in dermatology. If you’re looking for methods of maintaining your skin’s youthful appearance, then consider these strategies: Cut Back on Stress Chronic stress can affect your health in many ways. One reason […]

  • How Can You Treat Acne During Pregnancy?

    Many women experience acne during pregnancy, thanks to an increase in the hormone progesterone. Although some acne treatments aren’t safe to use when you are pregnant, your dermatologist can offer many alternatives to help you get your breakouts under control. Watch this video to learn more about treating acne during pregnancy. BLU-U light treatment for […]

  • Recognizing Common Triggers for Rosacea

    Rosacea can be a frustrating condition to treat. In addition to seeking treatment from a dermatologist, rosacea sufferers can also benefit from knowing what triggers them to experience flare-ups. A good way to identify the things that exacerbate your rosacea symptoms is to keep a diary of when your flare-ups occur and what you were […]

  • Is It Ever OK to Squeeze a Blackhead?

    Bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells can partially block a pore, producing a blackhead. This is in contrast to whiteheads, which are completely closed. Blackheads get their dark pigment because of reactions between the air and the contents of the pore. It can be very tempting to squeeze blackheads, but this isn’t something you should […]

  • Who Is a Good Candidate for IPL Photorejuvenation Therapy?

    Intense pulsed light (IPL) photorejuvenation therapy is a gentle, light-based treatment that can address several different skin issues. IPL therapy is well-tolerated among patients, and many people find it very effective in helping them reach their aesthetic goals. Only your dermatologist can determine if IPL phototherapy is truly right for you. Your doctor will consider […]

  • What Exactly Happens to Your Face as You Age?

    Age-related skin issues are among the most common reasons why people visit dermatologists. As you grow older, you’ll notice that your skin begins to sag. This happens because your body naturally produces less collagen and elastin later in life. These two proteins are essential for maintaining the elasticity and resiliency of skin. When you watch […]

  • Get the Facts about Adult Acne

    Most adolescents can’t wait to grow up and become truly independent, acne-free adults. So it’s a major disappointment to discover that acne can continue to rear its ugly head well into adulthood. Plus, the acne treatments you used to use as a teen probably aren’t working as well as you expected. But there’s good news: […]