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Beautiful woman applying moisturizing cream on hands

Winter is a harsh season that can really take a toll on your body. It seems to suck all the moisture out of your skin, make your hair brittle and lifeless, and the dry air is especially hard on hands. How can you keep your nails healthy and beautiful, even in the midst of rough winter weather? We’ve got some tips.

  • Keep them covered. Naked nails are unprotected: when you put on a base coat, polish, and topcoat, you’re keeping them safe from harm. When you’re changing out your nail polish, use acetone polish remover to take it off quickly, and always apply nail polish to clean nails.
  • Moisture is key to nail health. Cold, dry air can really mess with your nails, making them vulnerable to splitting, peeling, and breaking. It’s also terrible for your cuticles, causing cracked, bleeding cuticles and painful hangnails. How do you prevent all of this? Once a week, coat your nails and cuticles with cuticle oil and wear cotton gloves for at least an hour. In between, slather on the lotion several times a day, putting cuticle oil at least once a day, too. Pick a lotion with a humectant to lock in moisture, and at night, apply heavy hand cream.  Does another smart moisture move? Keep the air in your home moist by using a humidifier.
  • Don’t confuse water for moisture. This may seem counterintuitive: as much as nails need moisture, water is bad for them. Fingernails absorb water, pushing necessary oils out, and causing them to expand and become weak. Keep your nails as dry as you can, and when you take a shower, make sure there’s even polish at the tips of the nails, to seal them. Washing dishes? Never do it without wearing gloves.
  • Wear gloves outside, too. They’ll protect your hands from the cold temperatures, as well as the damp of snow or rain and the bitter winds of winter. What’s more, gloves will protect your nails when you have to use your hands to do things like cleaning snow or frost off a windshield.
  • Flexible is better than strong. You might think that nail strengtheners will protect nails against breaking, but in fact, strengtheners and hardeners make them more prone to breakage. Along with cuticle oil and lotion, a good basecoat will keep them strong and flexible.

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