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Closeup of eyelashes

Do your eyelashes leave much to be desired? You may actually have a condition known as eyelash hypotrichosis. People with eyelash hypotrichosis have inadequate or not enough eyelashes. Luckily, your dermatologist can help you find a solution. Latisse is an FDA approved treatment that results in eyelashes that are visibly longer, thicker, and darker.

You’ll love Latisse for the results and how easy treatment is with this prescription. By simply applying to a solution every night, it is typical to see changes in length after four weeks. After eight weeks, you’ll notice thicker, darker lashes. By week 16, you’ll have full, dramatic results. Side effects are minimal; the most common side effects are eye redness and itchiness. These side effects are rare, and many people who use Latisse tell their dermatologists that they experience no side effects.

Talk to your dermatologist in Salt Lake City to see if Latisse may be right for you. In addition to Latisse, Swinyer – Woseth Dermatology offers a number of different treatments in skincare. To schedule your appointment, call 801-266-8841.