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It stares you down in the mirror. It is revealed in the pictures you see of yourself. You can feel it when you button up your shirt. It’s your double chin. If you are done with your double chin we have some options for you in the words below as we share our years of experience and the most up-to-date options available.


Facial Exercises

Chin exercises aren’t the most exciting exercise craze nor can you find machines in your local gym to address your double chin, but there are exercises that can be done to firm up your double chin. These exercises are designed to firm up the muscles around your jaw and help eliminate a double chin.

Chin-to-ceiling: extend your lower jaw forward and then toward the ceiling holding it there for 10-20 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10-20 times per day.

Lion’s roar: open your mouth as wide as possible without it causing pain and then stick out your tongue as far as it will reach holding it there for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10-20 times per day.

Cheek swishing: with your mouth closed, puff out your cheeks and rapidly swish around your cheeks for 5-10 seconds. You may also use water to enhance the swishing motion. Repeat this exercise 10-20 times per day.


There are two primary product categories that address the reduction of a double chin: moisturizers and external devices.

Facial moisturizers: The purpose of these moisturizers is to firm up and hydrate your skin by including ingredients such as vitamins such as vitamin C; extracts such as green tea; and collagen. When finding these products look for labels such as “neck tightening” or “neck firming”.

Devices: A chin applicator adheres to the skin and infuses collagen, caffeine, and vitamins to restore skin elasticity. Facial straps are applied to gently tighten the skin in targeted areas. Mouthpieces used in jaw exercises to stimulate muscle growth. Massaging tools are applied to the lower jaw and stimulate the muscles to burn fat and increase blood flow.



A more direct approach in eliminating your double chin is for a plastic surgeon to use a variety of procedures to reduce or eliminate your double chin.

Liposuction: A local anesthetic is applied to numb the area and a small incision is made under the skin. A tube is then inserted and removes the fat beneath the skin.

Face-lift: A surgeon removes fat and loose skin around the chin and neck.

Neck-lift: A surgeon removes extra skin or tightens neck muscles to improve the contours of the neck and chin. A neck-lift is traditionally combined with a face-lift.

Kybella injection: Kybella is a synthetic version of dexoycholic acid that causes the rapid destruction and absorption of fat cells and prevents future fat accumulation. Kybella is injected under the jaw into the double chin.

CoolSculpting: A cryotherapy that eliminates unwanted fat by using a non-invasive applicator that delivers a cooling to the surface to freeze fat cells to the point of destruction.


Our goal is to keep you healthy and happy. If you have further questions about any of these exercises, products, procedures to help you with your double-chin, please reach out to us by phone at 801.590.3714 or contact us online.